In Honor of One of The Greatest In-game Dunkers In NBA

In Honor of One of The Greatest In-game Dunkers In NBA

Welcome to the Vinsanity Scale! In honor of one of the greatest in-game dunkers in NBA history, the Vinsanity Scale rates dunks on a scale of 1-4. The greatest dunk of the 2022 NBA playoffs almost didn’t count. In the fourth quarter of Game 3 between Dallas and Golden State, Warriors swingman Andrew Wiggins absolutely posterized Mavericks superstar Luka Doncic with a thunderous one-handed slam.

It was a show stopping dunk, eliciting shock and awe on social media and amazingly, it was first ruled as an offensive foul. However, after the Warriors challenged the call, officials reviewed the play and ruled that there was no offensive foul by Wiggins.

Game situation

Throughout Game 3, Wiggins was imposing his will on Doncic and the Mavericks. He was doing it all, showcasing his two-way versatility by playing tough defense on Doncic and on offense, Wiggins was aggressively attacking the holes in Dallas’ defensive schemes. Wiggins was a key x-factor and the difference for Golden State’s victory and his dunk was just the exclamation point on his strong performance. Not only was it on Doncic, but it also emphatically zapped away any emotional energy the Mavericks had left, as they couldn’t muster a comeback down the stretch.

Degree of difficulty

Insanely difficult may be putting it mildly. This dunk was not for us mere mortals. Only a leaping wizard like Wiggins could’ve thrown down this massive of a slam. Just watch the dunk again and see how far back Wiggins takes off from. And then watch it again and look how far back he cocks his arm.After missing Games 1 and 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals with a hamstring injury, the six-time All-Star was cleared to play in Game 3.

The Heat finished the season ranked 22nd in fastbreak scoring, but it should come as no surprise that they scored more in transition and played at a faster pace when Lowry was in the lineup. Want to know how long it took for the Heat to score their first transition bucket in Game 3? 31 seconds. On the Heat’s opening possession of the game, Lowry rebounded a miss from Jayson Tatum, pushed the ball the length of the court and found Max Strus on the wing for an open look at a 3.

Quarterbacking the defense
Once again, Lowry’s feisty defense showed up early in Game 3. Following that opening bucket from Strus, Lowry picked up Al Horford, who has nine inches and 44 pounds on him. Horford tried to take advantage of the size difference, but Lowry was able to force a turnover by getting low and fronting him.

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